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Election Broadcast

Election Broadcast Transcript

My Name is Neil McCann and I seeking your vote in tomorrow’s vote to the EU Parliament

Some of you will know something about me at this stage and that I am promoting a cross-community approach building a society that goes beyond the traditional tribes.

In pursuing this I want Seek from the government of Ireland, following the Belfast Agreement the south to make payments to prevent any fall in welfare payments and for an increase in the basic Welfare payments closer to the much higher S W in the south. Nothing new or unusual about this, there is already subsidy for Derry Airport and for certain medical treatments for Residents of the Republic. We ask they do this from the year 2020 and estimate it will be a manageable amount of less than half billion, pounds.

Together we all need to speak about the future. I will ask other MEPs and indeed other prominent figures to join in support of a Citizen Dialogue through local citizen forums.

I will promote Economic Regeneration, especially for the West.

I love Northern Ireland, from where my ancestors hail. I love all its people of all traditions, its fine towns and cities, and wonderful land. I want the very best for you, your families, friends and loved ones.

I am well experienced in politics. In years gone by I was a Local Councillor in County Louth  with focus on Cross Border activities including the Dundalk Newry Twinning. I have lived in Fermanagh since 2013 moving recently to Belfast  

I have the ability and energy for the task, qualified in Law and writing and I can speak for all.

I have a good knowledge of Europe and language skills in French and Spanish.

I want to remain in a reformed European Union so our agriculture and industry can be helped to prosper.

I have canvassed with my fine election team in all areas of Northern Ireland among all traditions here, many of whom were not born here and many of you Protestant folk hailing from Scottish and British ancestry and of the Catholic line from which I am drawn.

So to each of you, as we look together to a peaceful future, I value and respect your vote.

I want to ask ‘Will you vote for me, please.’

If I am fortunate to be found worthy of election to this position, I promise to exercise it for your good, to give my undivided dedication for the benefit of all the folk of this great land.


Thank You…

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